I am working on the role of various types of knowledge sourcing on innovation in Norway.

Together will colleages at the Southampton Business School, I am also exploring business model innovation within the context of open data and upscaling in the sharing economy.

Another project is on 'green' innovation. I am completing my work on an ESRC funded project, which aims to investigate knowledge linkages between UK motorsport and cleantech. The aim is to get a better understanding of the enablers of, and barriers to, successful knowledge transactions and to explore implications for sustainability transitions and innovation policy.

My Ph.D project critically investigated the role of personal networks for knowledge flows in innovative clusters. I have conducted a survey and interviews with 105 R&D workers in 46 companies in the Greater Cambridge Region. The results question the widespread assumption of technological knowledge spillovers and lead to a more nuanced understanding of the role and functioning of personal knowledge networks.

Previously, I worked on (i) the role of Popper’s evolutionary thinking for human ecological research, (ii) the social construction and political regulation of images of old towns, (iii) the the implementation of normative ecological ideas of a national park in touristic institutions, and (iv) the role of tourism for urban and regional development in Salzburg.

My general academic interests:

  • Urban and regional economic development

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy

  • Sustainability transitions and business

  • Social networks, social capital, social inequality

  • Construction, diffusion, adaptation of knowledge

  • Philosophy and methodology of social science